Our Chocolate Artists


Handmade in Finland

Our chocolate is made by the magical chocolate artists. The chocolate is minimally processed to keep the ingredients as close to their natural state as possible which means that our artists are carefully crafting each bar.

Chocolate making has four phases: grinding, tempering, cooling and packagingn. We make our chocolates in low production temperatures ensure a rich taste that honors the cacao and its origins. Learn more about the process here.

Sami Nupponen

Head Chocolatier Sami Nupponen

Sami is a food enthusiastic who believes that the secret of a balanced diet is a chocolate bar in both hands.

"I've been working in the food industry for my entire career and confectionary is something fairly new for me."

"The best thing about making chocolate is of course that you have to make sure that the quality is excellent by regular tastings."


Chocolate Artists

We have a great team of chocolate makers who make our bars from bean to a finished bar. Each phase of chocolate making requires skillful hands of these people as there is no machine that can replace their "chocolate sense" in quality.

10% rule - at any given time we have a minimum of 10% of our workers who have been previously long term unemployed. At the moment we have two people with hearing impairment and one with social challenges. So that makes actually 40% of our workforce.