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Goodio chocolate

Our chocolate is minimally processed to keep the ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. From Finland with love, Goodio chocolate is handmade with care. All of our chocolates are vegan and gluten-free.

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The story of our bean-to-bar chocolate begins by carefully choosing our ingredients. We use organic, wild and primarily raw ingredients and source as many products as possible locally from Finland. Our wild blueberries, sea buckthorn, mint and cranberries are locally produced in the land of the midnight sun. To sweeten the bars, we use Indonesian and Sri Lankan coconut palm sugar which has a low Glycemic Index.

Goodio Beans
Our cacao beans originate from organic, non-GMO farms in Peru, Ecuador, and the Congo. We prefer to use raw cacao as opposed to processed cocoa because of its nutritional content. In our limited edition flavours, we use the Peruvian cacao Pure Nacional, one of the rarest cacao beans in the world and Congolese Mountains of the Moon cacao.


To achieve a smooth and silky consistency, our Love Letter and Nordic Flavor chocolate is stone ground for three days in stone grinders. As a result, cocoa butter is pulverized out of the nibs, and the mixture begins to liquefy. Our oat chocolates we make with ball mills.
Goodio Stone Grinding
Once it’s reached an appropriate consistency, we transfer the ground cocoa mass to a large bucket to be tempered. Stone grinding is an ancient technique that preserves the nutritional components of the ingredient; automated grinders tend to heat up the product, thereby changing the ingredient’s properties.


In the tempering process, melted chocolate is first cooled. Then it’s hardened in a crystalline pattern, which leaves the chocolate shiny, and snaps hard.  The objective in tempering melted chocolate is to pull the disparate fatty acid crystals of cocoa butter back into one stable form. Once chocolate mass is tempered, it is poured into molds and refrigerated for a brief time.
Goodio Tempering


Once the bars are removed from molds, they are packaged individually in a biodegradable wrapper. After wrapping the chocolate we finalize the packaging by sliding the bar into an envelope and seal everything with a Goodio emblem. 
Goodio Packaging