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Chocolate Bundle — 5 bars
Chocolate Bundle — 5 bars

Chocolate Bundle — 5 bars

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The Goodio Chocolate Gift Pack is the perfect gift for a premium quality chocolate lover. This selection of five unique flavors in our collection and takes you and/or your loved ones on a delicious journey. From Finland with love. 

Coconut - Blend of raw cacao and creamy coconut, resulting in a sweet milk chocolatey flavor that softly melts in your mouth.

Mint - Refreshing mint chocolate made with traditionally grown peppermint leaves.

Coffee Starring sweet, smooth and powerful Espresso Verde organic coffee beans with cashew nuts for a creamy taste.

Wild Blueberry - Unique combination of raw chocolate and wild blueberries gathered from the Finnish wilderness.

Chai - Traditional chai spices blended together with smooth and creamy chocolate creating a fragrant, exotic flavor experience from India.

These bars are proudly handmade with love in Finland - the happiest country in the world by Goodio Chocolate Artists.

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